Graphic with text: Bike Party LNK, Community Bike Ride + Party, Every 3rd Friday, Free and Open to All!

Next Ride

December 17, 2021
Hazel Abel Park
S 18th & E Street
Meet up 7:00 p.m.
Roll out 7:30 p.m.

What is Bike Party?

An evening bike ride that is also a party. It is a celebration of our love of biking and for our community. It is free and open to all who have a bike to ride. Every kind of person and bike is welcome!

We ride Lincoln’s streets and bike trails together with music. It is also an outdoor dance party, when we take breaks in green spaces around town, along the way.

Who is Bike Party for?

Do you have a bike? Can you borrow a bike? It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you have, Bike Party is for you! Because Bike Party is for everyone.

Whether your bike has been gathering dust or you are regularly biking around town, come to Bike Party. Do you love biking but have never been to a bike event before? We’d love to see you at Bike Party!

What do I need besides a bike?

Make sure to bring lights and water and any snacks for yourself. Colorful party lights for your bike are encouraged!

We don’t have any themes, but feel free to come dressed up! Party attire or costumes would be more than appropriate. (Just make sure you can safely ride a bike.)

When is Bike Party?

Every 3rd Friday of every month! Forever.

Where are we going? How far?

The route will change every month, with different starting points. We will mostly stick to bike routes, side streets, and bike paths. We will always end up where we started.

All together, the whole ride usually lasts about 2 hours, including breaks. There will generally be 2-3 breaks during the ride, of approximately 20 minutes each. All in all, we will go around 8-13 miles. You can do it!

What’s with the LNK?

That’s just an abbreviation for Lincoln. (It’s the airport and Amtrack station code for Lincoln.) There are independent bike parties all over the place! We are but one.

Who is organizing this?

A couple of bikers with a dream. One of whom, Adria Chilcote, went to the East Bay Bike Party in California a few times and wanted to bring it to Lincoln.